Why this blog?

For those who don’t know me, welcome. For those who do… welcome!

For about 12 months now, I’ve been writing for part of my day job for ITI for roughly one day a week under the title “Software Developer and Digital Marketing Coordinator”. Now that one day a week has been used for multiple things: social media, campaign planning, designing websites, implementing websites, maintaining websites, providing how to guides, support for the marketing team at large, running analytics and providing reports for management, so when I get down to it in reality I’m spending 1-2 hours a week really actually writing material for blogs. Which isn’t really enough to build any sort of confidence in the process of writing or building my skills. Also this is one day out of five, the other four I spend knee deep in FORTRAN (amongst other languages) designing tools for our package CADfix. As well as this, some of you know me as the voice of Formula Pi and PiBorg’s head lurker at Raspberry Pi Jams helper at Piwars, some of you know me as a coach at Royston Rockets and occasional brewer with the lovely Hop Hackers. And some from other weird and varied events I’ve been involved with over the years.

So then… Why this blog?

Good question. It’s one I’ve been toying with for some time. Would people be interested? Are my interests too varied for people? Should my blog be about one thing and one thing only? If one thing then which thing: coding, BMX, coaching, cross stitch, beer making, cooking, traveling, CAD, engineering, music, mental health, knitting, gaming…

Over the last few months I’ve seen, met, watched and been to some really inspirational places that have made me think twice about writing and putting down into words what I’m seeing. It’ll be clumsy at times, but it’ll be me through and through. I’m hoping to try to write posts on some of the people who’ve inspired me to have a go along the way.

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