Hello, my names Claire and I’m an Accidental Engineer.

I adopted the term “Accidental Engineer” as I accidentally became an engineer as a career. I didn’t ever plan to work in software design, let alone CAD (Computer Aided Design) or CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). My love has always been Mathematics, with a definite lean towards Algebra and Geometry. I actively avoided Applied Mathematics at school and University, sticking to the Pure disciplines, so to find myself in a career helping applied mathematicians, physicists and engineers do their jobs is confusing to say the least.

Outside of work, I enjoy BMX, cooking, cross stitch, knitting, gaming, occasional beer making, music, a tiny bit of programming, and I’ll try to write about all of them to a varying degree as and when I’m doing those things.

Accidental Engineer is my personal blog about all the things I enjoy. It’s massively self indulgent, and I’m writing for myself more than anyone else, for practice and to help get some of my plans and thoughts onto internet paper. But if you happen to find these notes useful or if I can become an example of “you can do whatever the hell you want when you grow up” then that’s great.